Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspiration is tempermental!

So does that make her a woman?

In my case, Inspiration has it's moments of energy and ambition. Other times she is reckless with me, coming and going as she pleases. I found myself in the quiet of my house today on the verge of tears thinking of the old days when the kids ran with, annoying yet comforting, shouts of 'mommy this' and 'mommy that'. Those days are long gone, and I have only inspiration to comfort me. So I pulled myself together.... did some tedious and boring chores... made a list of things I needed to accomplish and went about it! This girl will find new inspiration if that is what it takes! So today was slow if you couldn't already tell. But I did some sketches of new hats, found some great wool to work with at the thrift store (nothing like recycling!), did some more to the painting, and when I was done with that... I picked up my kids and took them to pick out a movie and get an ice cream cone. They went on with accolades of what a terrific mom I am.... and today I needed that. I miss my kids. OK... Inspiration I need your company again.



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Grandma Laurie said...

Love the new painting. I miss you!