Monday, September 15, 2008


Saw the movie 'The Women'.... it is certainly a chick flick, (please don't tell me I can't like a poorly rated movie) and I loved it... Debra Messing was the highlight, she is hilarious. I think it is a true reflection of how women can be when they have good friends.

Aristotle once said....

'A friend is a second self.'

Well, that explains why I laugh so much!

I am so fortunate that I have so many fun women in my life, but the kind of friends I have, well, I know are not easy to come by. The women in my life are amazing.

In my mind a true best friend .... is the kind of person who can agree to disagree, we can feel each others joys and pains as if they were our own, she is never discouraging - we can always prop each other up when one of us is down.... she never wants anything but kindness from me, I can never seem to offend her, she doesn't judge me.... because we are both smart enough to know we have a multitude of faults... and it never helps to point them out. And most importantly we can laugh together!

I hope everyone out there has a friend or if you are lucky enough.. friends, like the ones I describe.

Thank you girls for enriching my life!

One more quote.....

'We appreciate what we share, we do not appreciate what we receive. Friendship, affection is not acquired by giving presents. Friendship , affection comes about by two people sharing a significant moment, by having an experience in common.'

Abraham Heschel

P.S. Shared a fab day with you on friday, Karm!


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Karman said...

You are a grand friend my dear and I thank you for the wonderful day on Friday. There are not many women I can lay next too.. naked..while other women oil us down and pop our zits! ;-)
There is no one I would rather spend a spa day with!